Specialized MEP Services In Riyadh

Pre-Construction Services

We provide comprehensive Pre-Construction and intelligent planning for projects of different scales and requirements. Our MEP/BIM/Sustainability experts can help evaluate project costs during the design and development phase using our cost model tools and Pre-Schematic budgets as a benchmark. This open dialogue can help the team to resolve potential design conflicts and to develop real-time project schedules using powerful project management and reporting tools.

Our many years of practical experience in Saudi Arabia also mean that SMEP can catalogue long-lead delivery items and make cost-effective procurement suggestions. We can also guide and execute the purchase of subcontractor services.

Specialized mep services In Riyadh
Value Engineering Services

Value Engineering

Our team works closely with clients to review the MEP engineering approach and to explore alternative ways of achieving clients’ goals. We do this by analyzing the MEP functions of a project including reliability, safety, efficiency, and performance, and by integrating environmentally-sound and energy-efficient materials and best practices. We can also help choose the best and most suitable equipment in today’s marketplace.

MEP Construction Management

MEP construction management is integral to the success of any project.
SMEP manages and monitors the overall progress of all MEP aspects of a project’s delivery, starting from tendering, procurement, testing and commissioning, all the way to client delivery.

The process also includes managing overall costs, supervising on-site teams, coordinating logistics and material delivery, and ensuring that the work meets the quality standards and requirements of the clients.

Construction Management Services
Design-Build MEP Services

Design-Build MEP Services

SMEP has extensive Design-Build expertise. We examine multiple system and layout options and maximize the use of standardized equipment when possible. The Design-Build approach enables an expedited construction cycle of the project and helps the client stay within the allocated budget since client has hands-on involvement from the very beginning in the design process and material selection phase.

This approach also allows us to define requirements and procure long-lead items and materials with suppliers immediately after design development to avoid scheduling issues.

The design phase includes preparation of engineering design drawings and specifications for MEP systems in accordance with criteria set by the client. SMEP also prepares project budgets, systems analysis, and construction document and reports analyzing existing or proposed MEP Systems.

Engineering Solutions

SMEP has a fully dedicated technical department and back office to produce fully detailed engineering documents. Furthermore, we utilize BIM modeling extensively through our in-house BIM experts. This enable us to detect any utilities clashes early on in the project, thus saving time and cost. We are also highly familiar with local codes and the ability to follow industry and client specific standards and solution.

Engineering Solutions
Facility Management

Facility Management

SMEP supports clients with bespoke professional facility management and HVAC services. Our offerings include providing experienced on-site facility management teams backed by a strong network of technical, administrative, and accounting experts. Depending on each facilities’ requirements, we can design a management plan specifically tailored to the requests of each client, including round-the-clock support, web-based service requests, vendor oversight and sourcing, monthly reporting, and providing suggestions for reducing the costs of property operations.

Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Works

SMEP offers comprehensive electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and firefighting work. Our services include the selection and installation of efficient heating, cooling, ventilation (HVAC) systems, including water cooling/heating, humidity control or air filtration, underfloor heating, chilled beam systems, lift well and stairwell pressurization systems. Our team of engineers can also integrate efficient alternatives to traditional systems such as heat pumps and evaporating cooling.

Our electrical services include (but are not limited) to MV/LV electrical distribution, lighting, earthing, and grounding system, lightning protection system, fire protection system and low current systems including ICT system and security networks.

Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Works
Testing & Commissioning

Testing & Commissioning, Re-Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning Services for MEP Systems

We conduct comprehensive testing and commissioning and on-site inspections for every MEP system to check for proper operations in accordance with design intent and high performance. Testing and commissioning typically save owners 15-50% on energy and maintenance cost. Our approach includes starting with a detailed method statement with ITP and the creation of a commissioning programme and plan, followed by Pre-commissioning and commissioning of all MEP systems and subsystems to ensure that they are operating as they should.

Our team of expert technicians can perform testing on medium and low voltage switch gears and cables, chilled water pumps, air handling unit, fire alarm systems, distribution boards, earthing system, fan coil units, lightning protection system, and more. All testing and commissioning work is carried out in accordance with local requirements and protocol. SMEP also preforms re-commissioning on existing buildings to identify on-going problems and retro-commissioning on projects that have not been previously commissioned.

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